It seems businesses everywhere are experiencing a shortage of qualified workers and some are struggling to keep up with customer demand for their services. In recent years, this has given rise to several new companies offering to help businesses with their staffing woes, but one organization’s simple solution left me completely stunned.

My wife has a friend whose mother has Alzheimer’s disease and requires around the clock home health care. Her friend mentioned that she is frustrated since the home health agency she is using for her mom is struggling to provide consistent caregivers and sometimes none at all. In a recent conversation, her friend mentioned that the home health agency supervisor informed her that they will soon have no more problems with the availability of caregivers since the agency has revised its screening process for new employees. The change? They decided to eliminate drug testing applicants. Let that sink in. First, it’s hard to believe that their representative would freely admit this to a client, but the deeper issue is that they have made a policy decision that could jeopardize the well-being of patients they should be protecting.

The reality is that most home health agencies DO NOT drug test their caregivers, which puts the disabled and elderly at risk. C-Screen lets you see how organizations screen their employees, including which employers drug test and which do not. Click here if you would like to learn more and receive a complimentary report.

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